3 steps to “weed out” your closets


Most of us only use ten percent of the things we store in our homes and only ten percent of the clothes in our closets. That indicates that we spend a great deal of time, money, and energy maintaining mountains of “stuff” that are unknowingly draining our energy.

 Since our environment reflects our inner being and who we are in Feng Shui, let’s take some time to de clutter our closets, mind and lives.

De cluttering doesn’t have to be an intimidating or arduous process.  Here are 3 tips to simply DO IT:

1-   Set aside time and get it all out:

Give yourself a few hours in the evening or on the weekend to take everything out of your closet. Place everything on your bed.

2-   Keep, toss or box:

Place your clothes and shoes into three piles: Keep, toss, or may be.

1. Keep: The clothes you’ll keep are obviously the ones you love and wear.

2. Toss: Those are the clothes you haven’t worn within the last 6 months and know you won’t wear anymore.

3. May be: This pile is for clothes you are not sure about and would like to keep. Place those in a box labeled “6 MONTHS”.

When going through this process for the three piles, remember to ask yourself honestly:

–       Do I love it?

–       Do I wear it?

–       Does it project the image I want to project?

3-   Clean & redress your closets:

Clean your closets thoroughly to get rid of all the dust and energy stuck in corners for months.

Keep the floor as clear as possible to make it easier to clean in the future.

 Put back the pile 1 clothes in the closet

Put the “6 Months” box (pile 2) on a shelf in your closet.  If you do not wear the clothes in the “6 months” box within 6 months, toss the box without opening it. You will not wear those clothes again!


Once all done, breathe and enjoy. You will feel an amazing lightness of being once you have cleared those cluttered areas.


About fs2ddesigngroup

FS2D Group is a Residential and Commercial Interior Design practice with a Feng Shui Specialization. That means we design beautiful interiors that will improve your life and support you with well being, growth and empowerment. By integrating Feng Shui into our design, we provide our clients positive life outcomes through the adjustments of elements that impact us. This design approach for the Western lifestyle is inspired from the Eastern Art & Science of Feng Shui.
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