Bathroom design for relaxation & wellbeing


Aside from its utilitarian purpose, the bathroom is a place to relax and rejuvenate, like a Spa. It is also a space where one can indulge in style that departs from the rest of the house. 

Although there is a large amount of sophisticated colors, materials and hard and soft goods available for the design of bathrooms, here are below a few tips to guide you through a full remodeling and/or decoration of your bathroom:

1-   Think function and space first:

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the house with the kitchen. When planning, keep all of its functions in mind, from the area when preparing in the morning to a refuge for resting after a hectic day. Think also about the distance involved between sink, tub, toilet, etc as well as practicality.

2-   Colors & motifs:

How do you want to feel when you are in your bathroom? Is it a formal space (consider a Black and White scheme), or a casual area (try neutrals).

The motifs associated with baths are often water oriented. Choose a motif that relates too the area where you live or a style you are personally attached to. In any case, the colors and motifs of the bathroom can easily be simple and straightforward.

3-   Lighting for a soothing environment:

Ideally, you want to create an environment that encourages energy to calm down. With the abundance of mirrors in the bathroom, consider the appropriate task lighting for sink and shower areas. Stay away from fluorescent lighting as it casts a bluish light that might make you look like Frankenstein’s bride!Image 

4-   Create an inviting atmosphere:

Use dashes of fabric and other softer goods to reduce the inherent harshness of many bathroom materials. Anything from towels and shower curtains and window treatments can bring a soft touch to a hard space. An inviting atmosphere can also be conceived with candles, dimming lights, lovely pictures and plants. The asymmetrical nature of growing things will help soften the square edges of tiles and marble.  Greenery in the form of lucky bamboos softens the edges and is a perfect natural element for stabilizing the water energies of the bathroom

At lasts but not least, a Feng Shui Tip:  Keep the to let lid down and drains closed to prevent energy from flowing down. Energy is like water and will go out the lowest source.

In spite of whatever style you choose for your bathroom, the overall design should reflect who you are and where you want to be, with a feeling of calmness and peace. 


About fs2ddesigngroup

FS2D Group is a Residential and Commercial Interior Design practice with a Feng Shui Specialization. That means we design beautiful interiors that will improve your life and support you with well being, growth and empowerment. By integrating Feng Shui into our design, we provide our clients positive life outcomes through the adjustments of elements that impact us. This design approach for the Western lifestyle is inspired from the Eastern Art & Science of Feng Shui.
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