Why designing with natural materials makes sense


Think about energized and complete you feel when walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or swimming in a pristine lake. As human beings, we inherently feel good in natural environments as they nurture and bring us energy and wellbeing.

 Surrounding ourselves with natural and ecological materials in our home and business environments brings back those feelings that support us for growth.

 Look to incorporate the following five elements in the design of your interiors for empowerment:

1. FIRE:

We all know fire is the element that allowed men to survive and develop on earth. In interior design, we incorporate fire through the use of the color red in accessories and/or artwork, light and sunlight, candles, fireplaces, and pointed, triangular shapes.

 2. EARTH:

The Earth is the creator of the crops that feed and fuel our bodies. We reflect earth in interiors through potted plants, square and rectangles shapes (think pillows, furniture), ceramics, tiles, brick and tones of yellow, gold, brown and obviously earth tones. A square ceramic tile applied on floors is a perfect example of the earth element.

3.    METAL:

All quartz, stones and jewels are the product of the earth and represent the metal element. Surround yourself with white and pastels colors, marble, granite, slate or any other natural stones on floors and countertops. As for furniture, bring in copper, steel, aluminum, gold or any other natural material you like and make you feel good.

4.    WATER:

Water is the element that allows us to flow and supports our lives. Since our bodies are made of 70% of water, we need to not only drink it but also incorporate it in our environments through the use of dark colors (dark blues, greens), mirrors and glass. Organic free-flowing design and artworks representing water are also encouraged along with fountains and aquariums.

 5.    WOOD:

Wood symbolizes renewal and new beginnings through the growth of trees, plants and flowers. Bring the wood element into your interiors with hardwood floors, stripped wallpaper & fabrics, blue and green and wooden art. A weekly fresh bouquet of flowers is also a wonderful way to incorporate this element into your home for beauty and wellbeing.

So we may bring the same high reassurance value we find in nature in every room of our living or working interiors, we need to incorporate a balance of these natural five elements.

And since our environments affect us either positively or negatively, remember to pay attention. We all have an innate sense of what feels right and what doesn’t. Image


About fs2ddesigngroup

FS2D Group is a Residential and Commercial Interior Design practice with a Feng Shui Specialization. That means we design beautiful interiors that will improve your life and support you with well being, growth and empowerment. By integrating Feng Shui into our design, we provide our clients positive life outcomes through the adjustments of elements that impact us. This design approach for the Western lifestyle is inspired from the Eastern Art & Science of Feng Shui.
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