Thinking of loft design, I just remembered a client in Boston who a few years back had reach to me to engage into the remodeling of his loft.   

In typical loft fashion, this beautiful wide opened space didn’t really have any proper partitions for making separate rooms. I knew the design was going to present a few challenges as everything we put up there was going to be visible to everyone else and had to be worth showing.

 In the end and after some research, creativity and team efforts, we created beautiful interiors using some of the loft design ideas below.


Think about what the focal point of such a large space should be. Ideally, it should be the most social area of the place, such as the living or entertainment room. Logically, this also makes more sense since the bedroom area cannot be in the middle or very beginning of the space, unless it can be pulled back into the wall. Installing a large, unusual and dramatic piece in the center of a large loft space can really serve as the focal point of the entire space and help balance out everything as a whole.


Lofts usually have unfinished ceilings to look more industrial or raw and cable or track lighting appear to work the best for these type of places. You may use the lighting to highlight specific parts of the loft.


The type of furniture you use is just as important as how you arrange it all inside a loft. For instance, ottomans and longer, winding couches with extended chaise loungers not only maximize space, but also can help corner off an area. Potted plants can also be strategically placed to fill in little gaps or areas that need a bit of separating.

A good way to separate areas in a loft is to use furniture as dividers. For instance, you can separate an open kitchen and living area by using a high kitchen table or “bar” and stools.


Painting one side of the walls of a room one color, and the other side a different, can also help differentiate between the two. For example, in one space, the left wall can be painted pale yellow to mark it as the kitchen, whereas the entertainment area can be painted cream or whatever color one wishes

 As always, remember it is your place and you have to live in it. Give yourself the permission to design it the way you want or use the services of a professional if the process is overwhelming to you. Just be yourself, mix colors, fuse styles and be creative.

Brigitte Beltran is a Professional Interior Designer and certified Feng Shui practitioner, founder of FS2D Design Group, Inc. Her consulting firm is located in South Florida. She can be reached at 786.223.8476 or via email at


About fs2ddesigngroup

FS2D Group is a Residential and Commercial Interior Design practice with a Feng Shui Specialization. That means we design beautiful interiors that will improve your life and support you with well being, growth and empowerment. By integrating Feng Shui into our design, we provide our clients positive life outcomes through the adjustments of elements that impact us. This design approach for the Western lifestyle is inspired from the Eastern Art & Science of Feng Shui.
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